Equity Investments

As a long-term investor, we look to acquire or recapitalize corporations through a co-investment structure with the existing management team or owner.  Ideally, we invest with exceptional management teams that have a vision for profitable growth and a proven track record to achieve it.

The criteria that would meet the requirements for an equity investment

  • Strong Management Team – A team with a demonstrated track record of working well together and a willingness to invest in the opportunity themselves
  • Large Market Opportunity – A significant niche market exists for the company’s products or services.  We want to help management exploit market opportunities.
  • Business Considerations – Operating businesses with a track record and limited customer concentration
  • Types of Industries – Energy, insurance, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, infrastructure, distribution, or consumer products
  • Size of Investment –The typical investments would have one or more of the following:
    • Transaction range is between $15 million and $75 million.
    • Recurring annual revenues of $10 million to $300 million
    • EBITDA of $5 to $30 million
  • Structure – Equity control position that rewards management for meeting their goals

We do not invest in start-ups or in the development of new technologies.